Conflict Management Consulting (CMC) provides M&E, technical assistance and research services in fragile, conflict and post-conflict areas. We work for international organizations, governments and civil society, deploying multi-national and highly specialised teams of experts. Our staff in Brussels, Istanbul, Washington DC, Yangon, Islamabad, Abuja and Kigali have provided services to clients in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Eastern and Western Africa and South Asia. Our in-house staff and global network of consultants offer in-depth thematic expertise on peacebuilding, stabilisation, countering violent extremism and migration.


CMC provides services in the following areas to governments, international organizations and civil society groups

Project evaluations, impact assessments and future recommendations

Deploying highly specialised skills in navigating fragile and active conflict zones, we have conducted mid-term and final evaluations at the project, policy or regional level in the field of peacebuilding, stabilization, countering violent extremism and migration.

Development and implementation of M&E frameworks

To allow clients to prioritise resources, and to support increased accountability, ownership and effectiveness, we have facilitated rigorous, but user-friendly results

frameworks, performance indicators and reporting mechanisms.

Quantitative and qualitative surveys in fragile and active conflict zones

Leveraging our web of partners on the ground, and drawing on years of experience, we have conducted quantitative and qualitative research projects in the most challenging places.

High-level advisory services on peacebuilding, stabilisation, countering violent extremism (CVE) and migration

In the fields of peacebuilding, stabilisation, CVE and migration, we have developed and applied innovative concepts and tools to provide data-driven and strategic high-level advisory services.

Third Party Monitoring in conflict states and hard-to-access areas

In hard-to-access areas, we have pioneered the approach of Third Party Monitoring, allowing stakeholders to extract critical information through CMC’s trained and mentored partner organisations.

Mentoring local partners and drawing on their perspectives

To strengthen long-term capacities, we have provided on-the-job mentoring to local entities on engaging with peacebuilding and conflict management. At the same time, our direct and continuous work with local partners allows us to draw on and appreciate local and national perspectives in the work we do.

“Driven by curiosity and a commitment to delivering high quality outputs, we have become a rapidly emerging player in our field”


Monitoring, Evaluation

and Technical Assistance

in Fragile and Active Conflict Areas



Over the years, we have carried out projects in a broad variety of geographic areas and countries, including:

Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Palestinian Territories, Yemen, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Oman

Nigeria, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Darfur, Horn of Africa (Kenya and Somaliland), Ethiopia, Mali, Central African Republic, Great Lakes region (Uganda, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi), Zambia, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria

Pakistan, Nepal, Thailand, Myanmar

Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo, Greece


Our previous and present clients include (but are not limited to):


A few examples of the work we have done



CMC was founded in 2014, building on years of independent consultancy experience. Since then, we have continued to attract seasoned experts and emerging talents, and we have grown a global roster of local and international consultants. We have also established partnerships with organisations on the ground in critical areas, including Iraq, Syria, Central African Republic, the Great Lakes region and Somalia. Our blend of in-house expertise and global and national experts allows us to tailor-make highly specialised teams for each individual assignment.

Values We Pursue

  • We pioneer participatory approaches wherever we can. We involve and consult relevant stakeholders either in-person or remotely to promote sustainable solutions that are owned by the people they affect

  • We gender mainstream everything we do to see that all voices are heard and to leverage the potential of both women and men

  • We strive to Do-No-Harm and always practice conflict sensitivity to make sure that our interventions count towards peace

  • We deliver high quality deliverables so clients want to work with us again

“Conflict Management Consulting (CMC) provides M&E, technical assistance and research services in fragile, conflict and post conflict areas”



CMC is a global team of experts providing Monitoring, Evaluation, and Technical Assistance in Fragile and Active Conflict Areas

André Kahlmeyer

Director (Brussels and Istanbul)

André specialises in context analysis, monitoring & evaluation and impact assessments of development and conflict transformation activities. He is particularly interested in the nexus between defence, diplomacy and development, regularly working in fragile and conflict-affected environments. He provides advisory services to international organisations (NATO, UN, EU), as well as foreign ministries and aid organisations and INGOs. He was previously also employed by the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, GIZ and the EU.

Working in English, French, Arabic and his native German, André has academic degrees in Middle Eastern/Islamic studies, Political Science and War & Conflict Studies.

Milena Isakovic Suni

Lead, Europe and the Americas team (Brussels) 

Milena has over a decade of experience in programme and evaluation management, including for EU-funded projects and regional programmes, as well as UN, GIZ and OSCE projects. She is particularly interested in civil society development, social inclusion and human rights issues, including access to services for persons with disabilities and minorities.


Fluent in Serbian, English and French, Milena has an M.Sc. in European Political Economy from the London School of Economics.

Maria Hrimech

Lead, MENA team (Istanbul)

Maria Hrimech specialises in programs targeting youth, civil society organizations, and marginalized communities across different sectors - including with a view to Countering Violent Extremism (CVE). She boasts rich experience in the design, monitoring, implementation, and evaluation of development programs, also covering issues of education, employability, the rights of people with disabilities, and public policy development. Before joining CMC, Maria spent five years working with a number of international organizations, building deep knowledge of social enterprise ecosystems and civil society in the MENA region. Based in Morocco, she worked for three years for the British Council, managing its education and society portfolio. In this function, Maria delivered results inter alia for the EU, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and the World Bank.

Maria holds academic degrees in Business Management and International Trade. Her native language is Arabic, and she is fluent in French and English, and has reading comprehension in Spanish.

Morten Nygaard Christensen

Lead, Asia team (Yangon)

Morten is a Technical Expert in conflict transformation and radicalisation. He is particularly interested in individual and collective drivers of violent extremism, having been occupied with foreign fighters and the use of violence as self-expression. Morten has also worked on the attitudes of youth towards collective memory in the post-conflict context.

Morten has experience from the UN and Denmark’s ministry of foreign affairs, and in conducting large-scale public sector performance investigations and audits. He has strong quantitative and qualitative methodological skills, and has conducted research across South East Asia, East Africa and the U.S. Morten is fluent in English and his native Danish, is proficient in Spanish, and has reading comprehension of German and French. A political scientist specialising in International Relations, Morten - as a Fulbright scholar - studied conflict management at Columbia University.

Erico Sato

Lead, Africa team (Abuja)

Erico is an Japanese development and media consultant, specializing in research, Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E), civil society capacity building in fragile environments. She has over 10 years of experience in humanitarian relief and journalism, and since 2011, she has worked in Eastern, Southern and West Africa. 


Previously, she was responsible for designing, implementing and monitoring various humanitarian projects including Community Safety, Early Warning and Early Response (EWER), and Psychosocial Support (PSS). She has also conducted various project evaluations, Women Safety Audit (WSA), conflict analysis, and local Media capacity research across Africa. Erico has academic degree in Political Science in UK, and she is fluent in English and her native Japanese, and her basic competencies in German and French.

Simla Merve Dai

Office Assistant (Istanbul)

Simla has worked in international development for the past four years, in a variety of roles across operations, administration and project management.  She was responsible for coordinating finance, compliance, logistics and Human Resources processes across a wide portfolio of Turkey-based projects supporting the Syrian crisis. Simla is originally from Turkey, and holds a Bachelor’s degree from Marmara University in International Relations.


Additionally, Simla is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Media and Journalism from Marmara University, specifically focusing on the intersection of law, media, politics and diplomacy. She speaks Turkish and English.

Dr. Sarah Khokhar

Senior Analyst (Islamabad)

Sarah is an expert in monitoring, evaluation and research and has been involved in project implementation and analysis for over a decade. Her academic and professional training have equipped her with strong analytical skills and sector research capability. Sarah has worked for a number of donors, including recently three USAID-funded projects in Pakistan. Her experience with international organizations also includes working at UNFIP and UNDP (New York), UNICEF (India), as well as at the Population Council (Islamabad), and  the World Bank (Washington DC))


Sarah holds a doctorate in Sociology with a concentration in Comparative International Development from Johns Hopkins University.  

Frank Ubachs

Senior Analyst (Maastricht)

Senior Expert on conflict and identity, prevention of youth extremism and on migration issues. Master degrees in Eastern Christian Studies and in Security Studies of the Middle East and Central Asia. Former Advisor to the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs on intercultural dialogue and religion in international affairs.

Michael Josten

Analyst (Munich)

As a specialist in the design and implementation of social research, Michael draws on a broad set of both quantitative and qualitative methods. Throughout his career he has been managing several large-scale research projects for governments, international organisations and private companies in different contexts, both in the EU as well as in fragile states.

Michael has a background in sociology, statistics and survey methodology and pursues a special interest in exploring the needs of marginalised groups in conflict-affected countries. He is fluent in English and his native German and proficient in Spanish.

Dr. Dorly Castañeda

Senior Analyst & Lead, the Americas (Washington DC)

Dorly specializes in peacebuilding and international cooperation. Her main interest is how development programs can help societies to build peace. She has over 10 years of experience working as a consultant for the World Bank in Washington DC, conducting impact evaluations for the European Union, strategic evaluations for civil society organizations in Colombia, public policy analysis in Senegal and EU foreign policy analysis in France.

Fluent in Spanish, French and English, Dorly holds a PhD in Political Sciences/International relations from Sciences Po Paris, a Master’s degree in international relations and a BA in Economics from Los Andes University (Bogota).

Simone Mattiussi

Analyst (Istanbul)

Simone has gained relevant working experiences in international organizations and NGOs. With a multidisciplinary background, he acquired experience from the UN in project implementation, monitoring and evaluation. He covered the position of Advisor in different NGOs in Italy and Turkey, getting involved in Turkey-based projects focused on conflict analysis and implementation of peacebuilding practices in conflict-affected communities.


Simone is fluent in English and native Italian, he speaks Turkish and has reading comprehension of French and Spanish. He holds a Master’s Degree in Political Economy of the Middle East from King’s College London.

Nathan Balla

Analyst (Abuja)

Nathan is a context analysis expert, specialized in quantitative and qualitative research for fragile environments, with experience in C/PVE, resilience and peace programming for conflict affected communities in Nigeria’s North-East as well as Performance Monitoring for Development initiatives in other parts of Nigeria and Africa.
He designs monitoring systems for health and humanitarian interventions, undertakes political economic analyses, conflict analyses, capacity assessments and impact evaluations, focusing on strategies for knowledge and adaptive management. He holds a Masters Degree in Development studies, is fluent in English and versed in Nigerian languages.

Sarwat Jahan

Head of Pakistan team (Islamabad)

Sarwat Jahan specialises in project management, transition initiatives towards stability, livelihoods, Education, gender mainstreaming and community mobilization across Pakistan. Before joining CMC, Sarwat spent 24 years working with international and national organizations. She worked for four years as a Chief of Party for the USAID funded project Independent Monitoring and evaluation where she led the team of 120 members and supervised five offices. She is honoured with the Inspirational woman’s Award by Creative Associates due to her continuous efforts in CVE initiatives.  Her native language is Pushto, and she is fluent in English, Urdu and Punjabi.

Cecilia Campana

Framework contract and business development manager (Rome)

Since 2015, Cecilia has been working at the acquisition and management of Framework Contracts funded by different Donors. Her specialization includes drafting proposals, building partnerships and managing external aid assignments comprising all stages of the Project Cycle. She worked in sectors such as reconciliation and peacebuilding, human rights protection, fight against corruption and organized crime, enhancement of the role of civil society.

Cecilia holds a MA’s degree in International Relations and a diploma in International Project Management. Italian native speaker, she is fluent in English and Spanish and has an intermediate knowledge of Russian. 

Ahmad Sheraz

Analyst (Islamabad)

Ahmad is an Analyst providing research on peace and tolerance in Pakistan. He has previously worked on a long-term Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) and Research & Analysis project in Pakistan. His academic and professional training have equipped him with expertise in project management, data analysis and report writing. He also has strong qualitative and quantitative methodological skills. 

Ahmad has a Master’s degree in Business and Administration from Quaid I Azam University Islamabad. His native language is Punjabi and he is fluent in English and Urdu.


Augustin Ngendakuriyo

Analyst (Brussels)

Augustin has 18 years of experience in conducting evaluations of development and peacebuilding projects for UN agencies, bilateral and multilateral organizations and NGOs. He has a multi-disciplinary background including in private sector development, peacebuilding, youth development policies, socio-economic studies and training. Augustin has a strong capacity to work in the fragile contexts in Africa.

From 2016 to 2017, Augustin was also the Executive Director of the African Evaluation Association. He has a Master degree in Economics and he is trained public policies evaluation. He speaks French, English, Swahili and Kirundi.

Dr. Emmanuel-Pierre Guittet

Senior Associate (Brussels)

Emmanuel-Pierre has twenty years of experience in security and police cooperation, including anti-terrorism, peace operations and fundamental rights. He has regularly worked as adviser to the European Union and its Member States, including the French Ministry of Defence. Emmanuel-Pierre holds a Ph.D. in political science and international relations and has worked as assistant professor in France, Canada and the United Kingdom. He has published widely on political violence, gender activism, conflict transformation and the prevention of youth marginalisation and violent radicalisation.

He is fluent in French and English and has a working knowledge of Spanish.

Mauricio Ríos I.

Senior Associate (Washington, DC)

Mauricio O. Ríos is both a communications and conflict specialist with more than 20 years of experience in international development, particularly working for the World Bank. Mauricio has designed and implemented integral communications strategies for public and private sector clients. His work includes conflict-sensitive communications, stakeholder engagement, crisis management, marketing and fundraising, for a variety of global programs across a range of sectors, including corporate communications; energy and extractives; transport and digital development; governance; forests, environment and climate change.


Mauricio is fluent in English, French and Spanish, with a working knowledge in Portuguese.

Dao Daouda

Associate (Abidjan)

Daouda has more than a decade of experience in project planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. He specializes in governance and conflict transformation and peace building across Africa, including for EU and USAID funded projects. For the past five years, Daouda has worked in conflict affected and fragile countries in Eastern, Central and West Africa.

Dao is fluent in French and English and holds a Master degree in Business Sciences from the University of Cocody in Abidjan, as well as a Master degree in Supply chain management from Molde University College in Norway.

Jim Newkirk

Associate (Belgrade)

Jim has conducted over 40 evaluations and impact/outcome assessments for international agencies (the EU, Sida, a number of UN agencies, ADC), governments and NGOs (CARE, Kvinna till Kvinna). While specialising in the Western Balkans, Jim has also worked in Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Vietnam, Laos, Georgia and other contexts. He has experience working on regional and global evaluations, for example for the Civil Society Education Fund, part of the Global Campaign for Education. He was commissioned several times for evaluations of country development programmes, including Swedish development cooperation in Albania and Kosovo. He has an MBA degree in Organisational Change.

Shirin Namiq

Associate (Helsinki)

Shirin has spent the past seven years working in conflict affected countries gaining considerable experience in the fields of humanitarian relief, logistics, gender mainstreaming, and stabilisation with the Red Cross movement, OSCE, and the EU. She has strong expertise in international protection for asylum seekers through experience with the Finnish Immigration Service and the European Asylum Support Office.

Shirin is fluent in Finnish, English, and Kurdish, and is proficient in Turkish. She has an M.A. in International Peace Operations from the University of Trieste, Italy, and an M.A. in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Sheffield, UK.

Charles Forbes

Senior Associate (Malmö)

Charles has many years’ experience of specializing in crisis management and prevention, and in security and risk assessment, including advisory and consulting roles with the EU, the UN and with INGOs. For the past five years, Charles has worked with humanitarian projects in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. He has worked with the NRC emergency response unit, and with ECHO in natural disaster and conflict mitigation.

Charles holds a master’s degree in Security and Risk Management from the University of Leicester, UK. He is fluent in English, with strong French language skills.

“A blend of in-house expertise and global and local experts allows us to tailor-make highly specialised teams for each individual assignment”


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Cheyenne Ong

Junior Analyst (London & Singapore)

Cheyenne specialises in development, security and risk in fragile and conflict-affected zones.  Having previously worked on a range of projects in her native Singapore, she has gained relevant government and consulting experience in the national defence and foreign affairs fields. 


Cheyenne is a native English speaker and fluent in Chinese and French. She continues to build her research capabilities as an LSE Southeast Asia Centre grant holder and LSE History Research Assistant and is currently also completing her degree in History and International Relations at the London School of Economics.

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