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CMC offers a wide range of services to support the success of client’s mandates. From project management and implementation to real-time monitoring, evaluation and impact communication, our team has the expertise to help clients achieve their goals.
Our innovative solutions to complex problems, include adapting technological tools and platforms such as GIS mapping, data visualization, remote sensing and graphical information to create relatable infographic communication of project's progress and achievements. Within the portfolio of the services we provide, are conflict sensitivity, risk management, and other bespoke services for preventing and countering violent extremism, context analysis...


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Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning (MEL)

This is the core of our services to support programs' and projects' sustainable impact. It includes system design, routine assessments, evaluation, data analysis, and learning facilitation for accountability.
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Remote Sensing & Earth Observation

Our Earth Observation services use satellite imagery to monitor changes in land use, crop health, and environmental conditions, providing up-to-date information that supports accurate decision-making.
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CMC has established a niche on providing bespoke Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism (PCVE) services to help our clients develop effective strategies for preventing and countering violent extremism.
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Real-time Monitoring

We provide Real-time monitoring services that tracks progress and makes data-driven decisions by clients.
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Project Management & Implementation

CMC supports project and program management from planning and design to implementation and monitoring and ensures it meets its targets, achieves its objectives, and has a meaningful and sustained impact.
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Conflict Sensitivity

We support project teams in understanding their context and operating in a conflict-sensitive way to achieve better outcomes for communities. This includes regular conflict analysis and capacity building throughout the project cycle.
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Third-Party Monitoring (TPM)

Our TPM services offer independent monitoring of your projects to ensure they're on track and making a positive impact. We provide regular site visits, reports, and recommendations to help you achieve your goals.
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Interactive Dashboards

We design custom interactive dashboards that allow you to monitor and analyze your project data in real time, making it easier to track progress and make informed decisions.
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