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We support the world’s most relevant actors in diplomacy, development and defence make data-informed and evidence-based decisions to improve impact on the ground.
We provide advisory, monitoring, and evaluation services on peace-building, stabilisation, countering violent extremism, climate risk, human migration and PeaceTech for humanitarian and international development actors in conflict-affected countries across the world.
Founded in 2014 and leveraging on almost a decade of independent consulting experience, Conflict Management Consulting (CMC) attracts high profile clients, seasoned experts and emerging talents from all sectors and thematic fields to the quality of services and outputs we provide. We have nurtured and grown a global roster of local and international consultants and strengthened partnerships with organisations on the ground in critical and crises affected areas. CMC uniquely blends its in-house expertise with other global, national and local experts, which allows us to present highly specialised teams for individual assignments and projects we undertake.

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