Capacity Statement

Third-Party Monitoring (TPM) Capability Statement

Capability Statement

Third-Party Monitoring (TPM) Capability Statement

Third-Party Monitoring (TPM) has become an essential monitoring and evaluation tool for many agencies working in hard-to-access-areas. A pioneer TPM practitioner, CMC has provided these services to various clients in the Middle East, South East Asia and Africa ever since its foundation. TPM describes the practice of contracting third parties to collect and verify monitoring data. In fragile environments, CMC can provide a meaningful contribution to the broader monitoring and evaluation toolbox, as well as increase accountability of donor spending, by offering:

  1. a mixed methods approach based on Key InformantInterviews (KIIs), household surveys (HHS), Focus Group Discussions (FGDs), direct observation (pictures, GPS data), and social media analysis,
  2. high-quality training to enumerators in the field, and
  3. research quality assurance.

CMC always provides TPM services in collaboration with a network of local experts, including enumerators, dataentry staf and analysts.

Our monitoring work captures the information related to programme achievement to date, challenges, opportunities, risks, and future strategy development. For donor agencies, we also offer the option of verifying monitoring information from your implementing partners. For humanitarian, stabilisation and development management programming, we can also provide baseline research and a source of primary field data to inform programming and help verify partner reporting. Our previous TPM projects include stabilisation, peacebuilding and humanitarian interventions in locations such as Iraq, Syria, Nigeria and Pakistan, working for major donors and foreign ministries as well as international governmental and non-governmental organisations.