CMC has established a niche on providing bespoke Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism (PCVE) services to help our clients develop effective strategies for preventing and countering violent extremism.

Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism (P/CVE) Services

At Conflict Management Consulting (CMC), we specialise in Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) strategies tailored for Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism (P/CVE). Our core service area includes:

Research and Quantitative Studies

We conduct large-scale, often nationwide research in countries affected by violent extremism. Our recent studies span regions like Syria, Nigeria, Myanmar, and Pakistan.

Real-Time Monitoring

We actively monitor the dynamics of volatile regions, keeping track of grievances and the public perception of violent extremist groups, particularly in West Africa.

M&E System Design and Implementation

We harness our expertise to design and implement bespoke M&E systems, catering specifically to P/CVE interventions. This strategic support has been extended to donors across ten MENA countries.

Long-term Audience Insight and Evaluation

Our commitment to providing sustained audience insight and evaluation shines through in our longstanding projects, such as in Syria.

Field Deployment in Fragile States

Our teams are well-versed in conducting operations in a gender-sensitive and conflict-sensitive manner in fragile and conflict-affected states like Somalia and Somaliland.

Local Collaboration

We establish strong ties with local partners in the 17 countries where we are currently operational, making our efforts more effective.

Independent Evaluations

Our external independent evaluations provide impartial assessments of global projects, as exemplified by our evaluation of the EU's STRIVE Horn of Africa project.


We are invested in capacity-building, offering invaluable training to national and international experts, international organizations, and non-profits engaging in P/CVE.

Data Visualization

To enhance the accessibility and comprehensibility of our findings, we present data in innovative, easy-to-understand formats, such as online platforms.

Community-Based M&E

Our distinct methodology focuses on local communities at the heart of data collection and analysis, equipping our clients with the crucial insights they need to maximize the impact and quality of their PVE interventions.

Development of PVE Indicators

Our team is adept at developing context-sensitive PVE indicators, ensuring effective monitoring and evaluation of PVE interventions.

At CMC, we understand the nuances of working in challenging environments. Our comprehensive suite of services is designed to offer effective M&E of PVE interventions while acknowledging the practical difficulties of working in difficult and hard-to-reach areas. By working with an extensive network of community-based actors and applying our expert analysis, we provide thorough, reliable, and robust support for your PVE initiatives.